Casa la crem

You will find it in Vourvourou, next to Rema. There you can enjoy your morning coffee accompanied by handmade Thessaloniki type bougatsa, with cream, cheese, or minced meat, or have the first meal of the day.
For lunch, a quick meal like a club-sandwich, hamburger, or spaghetti with various sauces will give you the energy you need for the rest of the day.
In the evening you can quench your thirst with a cocktail.
If you have a family you can let your children play in the mini playground inside the store while you enjoy your coffee.
Sweets, ice creams, and juices come to complete your outing!
*Attention! Simon King and Simon Prince Prive customers have a 10% discount on any product The offer is not valid for accommodation

Casa la crem is here

Paris Restaurant

For those of you who want good food, in the restaurant of Paris, a bit after the casa la crem, you can enjoy snacks, fresh fish and meat that you will find every day, also the cooked Greek food would satisfy even the most demanding of you! Live music every Thursday for family fun.

Paris is here


If you stay several days in Vourvourou, you will definitely be looking for some kind of adventure to boost your adrenaline!
What are you waiting for? Book now a boat trip at All boats are CE certified.
Do you not have a driver’s license for a boat No problem! You can also drive this kind of boat!

Water Sports

Are you a water sports fan? You can find information at

Scuba diving

If you are looking to scuba dive in the crystal clear waters then you can now book lessons at


KARIDI (2,4 Km from Simon King)

FAVA (2,6 Km from Simon King)


ORANGE  (21 Km from Simon King)

PLATANITSI (23 Km from Simon King)

Vourvourou is the most suitable place to explore the whole Sithonia and Mount Athos. A hub with almost equal routes to visit the whole area!