Idyllic built, with panoramic views of the magnificent sea of Chalkidiki, 17 new apartments are waiting for you.
In Vourvourou, with the beautiful beaches and the nine unique islands, you will find your new holiday home.
Book now at a discounted price and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Why you should choose Simon King?
Simon King offers apartments for rent in Vourvourou with a unique style that meets the needs of every traveler! Significant benefits await you throughout your stay, such as:
• 24-hour front desk for anything you need
• Tips for any area near or far from you that you might want to visit (activities, beaches, access)
• Competitive prices even during periods of high demand
• Rooms that provide ALL modern comforts and are located near the sea

We offer you what you need so that your stay at Simon King will be unforgettable!

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